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andromeda council copyThe Andromeda council welcomes you aboard the Equitarian ship. The Equitarian ship. For indeed the life giving energies of the life force currently in play on planet earth have given rise to the subterranean cultures to ascend from the east to the west, from the north to the south. And so, as we begin the following discussion of the present affairs of the human culture and genome, let us begin to revive the informational decree currently in procession into the human vehicle known collectively as humanity.

For in essence all that exists in the human understanding of things is within the core of their sub atomic particles and structure.

The energies that are presently being collected and exchanged from within the core of each earthling dwelling therein is to be reproduced and stored for future generations to study and determine the causes and learn from the history of in order to avoid…

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Любовта – от къде започва всичко?

Любовта – от къде започва всичко?.

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Fresh Concepts – Vertikální Zahrady, Venkovní Kuchyně a víc – Koncepčně Svěží

Fresh Concepts – Vertikální Zahrady, Venkovní Kuchyně a víc – Koncepčně Svěží

Vertikální Zahrady – květinové živé a zelené stěny

Fresh Concepts dodává tři různé typy řešení živých stěn – vertikální zahrady. Naše systémy živých zelených stěn mohou být použity, jak pro interiér tak i exteriér. Poskytujeme plnou technickou podporu pro velké společnosti i majitele domů.Druh rostlin vybíráme dle přání zákazníka, např.: zelené stěny, květinové stěny, vertikální zahrady, tropické stěny nebo bylinkovník ve vaší kuchyni. Pokud máte jakékoliv dotazy po zakoupení našich produktů, nebo by jste rádi poptali profesionální montáž, neváhejte nás kontaktovat.

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Urgent Message for Ground Crew – Next 72 Hours 1/29/14 – 2/1/14

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Based on the information that I have received from Andromeda and Pleiades, the visions that I was pulled into and the channeling that I have received, a major wave of new information and the destruction of the matrix energies in those who are still sleeping is about to occur which will allow for major intergalactic events to take place.

We are asked to once again regroup. What this means is to enter a meditative state for the next 72 hours. This means not to actually sit in the meditation, but become completely balanced and completely aware of every single second, to fully and completely be in the NOW as each and every single one of you will be receiving information from your respective galactic links. This energy influx is to come from those stationed above GAIA, the planetary alignments and the energies from our divine higher selves.

Many of key…

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Fotokurzy a služby pro fotografy

Fotokurzy a služby pro fotografy

Foto kurzy a služby pro fotografy –

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