Richard Ekins: The Legitimacy of the Brexit Referendum

UK Constitutional Law Association

Richard EkinsAs all the world knows, last Thursday the British people voted in a referendum about whether the UK should leave the EU.  The prospect of the referendum encouraged much reflection about the merits of referenda and their consistency or otherwise with parliamentary democracy.  The outcome of the referenda has spurred more such reflection, with many lamenting that the referendum was held at all and with some even proposing that the vote should be ignored or flouted or otherwise circumvented.  It is hard to imagine a more obvious way to flout democratic norms and to inflame political controversy.  This post briefly outlines some thoughts on the legitimacy of the referendum process and the reasons to respect its outcome.  Nothing herein turns on the merits of the vote itself.

Referenda and representative government

I am a strong supporter of representative, parliamentary democracy.  Parliamentary sovereignty is a very good constitutional rule, at least…

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Eliza: We ARE Disclosure

Blue Dragon Journal

Blue Dragon

Eliza: We Are Disclosure

Today I woke up in the pre-dawn hours. The internet was down once again and so I started writing. Before going to work, I had completed six pages of typing in a massive flow. I’m not even sure if it makes sense… Downloads and upgrades are coming at a rapid pace. Let go of everything not necessary in your life so you can take care of yourself in these pivotal days ahead.

As in the early days of ancient Atlantis, there were always those who served as teachers and guides for the people, who taught the arts of culture, architecture, music, art, language and dance, how to plant, how to utilize the forces of nature, how to train consciousness to high degrees of power and control. These were beings that came as volunteers to serve the Light that exists within all beings, through all levels of…

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Treason charges: What lurks behind the bizarre allegations

Yanis Varoufakis

The bizarre attempt to have me indicted me on… treason charges, allegedly for conspiring to push Greece out of the Eurozone, reflects something much broader.

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Spain decriminalizes the growing of cannabis


Starting today, July 1st, you can now legally grow cannabis in Spain. This is massive news for medical growers, patients and those looking for a healthy alternative to alcohol. Spain has always been a leader in this newly forming industry. The country has produced talented scientists and ground breaking cannabis research. While the new law has many more questions to answer, it is clear what the intentions are.

The changes occur under article 36.18, stating that the cultivation of cannabis is only punishable “in public places”. Spain has a long love affair with the plant, even dictator Franco’s 1967 law forbidding the cultivation of cannabis was widely ignored. Punishment for small scale grows was often the destruction of plants and the confiscation of equipment. From today, growers and shops can sell seedlings once they are not openly on sale in a shop window.

There is one restriction, and that…

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Бизнес в Болгарии. Варианты успешного бизнеса для русских в Болгарии

Русскоязычные в Болгарии. Взгляд

Бизнес для русских в Болгарии. Варианты чем заняться

Каким видом бизнеса заняться русскому в Болгарии. Как получить ВНЖ и открыть свой бизнес. Вопросы актуальны для переехавших в Болгарию, для тех, кто на пенсию в Болгарию приехал, да и для всех кто планирует переезжать и получать ВНЖ в Болгарии.

С ограниченными ресурсами от 5000 до 50000 евро существует несколько тем бизнеса, развивая которые можно и прокормить свою семью и успешно вести открытый бизнес. Если заниматься им конечно.

Тема первая – магазины. Вход в этот бизнес от 5000 евро

Маленькие квартальные магазины пользуются устойчивым спросом в районе у местных жителей. Тем, кто рядом живет гораздо удобнее в тапках спуститься вниз, пройти сотню метров и купить все необходимое – сигареты, водку, хлеб и колбасу. Это так утрированно я выразился. Магазинчики такие повсюду есть и работают с 6 утра и до 24 часов. Или как хозяин решит. Открытие магазина – наем+оборудование +лицензия и все…

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След публикуването на трета част Факторът Мая, продължих да разсъждавам за 13 тона, които се опитах да свържа с 12 звезди, но числото 12 не отговаряше на 13.

И сега ще ви споделя какво открих – Звездната карта на маите, която включва 13 звезди, 13 източника на енергия.

И най-интересното е, че аз се опитвах да отделя енергиите на земни от човека и на такива идващи от Космоса, но всъщност нали всичко е свързано и те не могат да се отделят, а просто да се отчитат като влияние. Какво точно имам в предвид, че принципът на Тот Хермес важи и тук “каквото горе, това и долу”, говорим за макро и микро. “Горе” тази звездна схема символизира звездите, а “долу” символизира човека, 13 кости, по три на ръцете, по три на краката, гръбначен стълб. Също така символизира и седемте основни чакри в средната линия, прилагам изображение за онагледяване.

И така да…

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Sacred Geometry

Тук публикувам някои от рисунките си, рисувани от 2010 до 2013 г.

Рисунките са подходящи за щампи на чинии,  керамични плочи или каменни плочи от парчета, кръгли, за шарка на кръгли килими, за пано на стена, за рисувани тавани във  формата на кръг и други .

Повече за тези рисунки може да прочетете на:

Публикувам някои от тях на тази връзка

За връзка с мен, пишете на:
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